Shunt resistor / Shunt sensor

Shunt resistor / Shunt sensor

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1. Manganin shunt for energy meter/electricity meter.
2. Mountable type with holes for screw fixing.
3. Integrated lead wires are available.
4. Independent from temperature variation with low TCR value.
5. We can manufacture according to your specification or drawing.
6. Samples are provided freely as your requirements.


1.Electro-beam welded Shunt
2.Customized designs available
3.Resistance value tolerance:+/-5%

Meter Shunts

SHUNT is precision element for the energy meter, adopts the advance technical of plane jointing.

1. Good quality and good performance
2. High precision and high stability
3. Silver brazing to make shunt part connection more reliable
4. Small resistance change when meter is with big working current
5. Long time good performance
6. Two types:shunt-Braze weld shunt and electron beam shunt
7. Can be customized on request 

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